Having the best technology produces the most innovative results.
We love technology and the products our clients create. As a result, we are always looking forward to the next frontier; we may be skilled at today’s tools but it’s critical that we also embrace tomorrow’s solutions. As a company experienced in complex jobs, we see first hand the difference cutting edge technology makes every day for our clients and their products. In fact, we’ve experienced a major reduction in our defect rate thanks to the new technologies we’ve adopted. Technology is our commitment to, and investment in, your success.

SMT Lines

Our surface mount technology places up to 144,000 parts per hour and has an assembly capability range from 0201 to large form BGAs.


Solder paste is quickly and accurately printed using MPM Accella screen printers.

Pick and Place

Our pick and place equipment suite can handle the full range of components, and consists of the following machines:

Universal Advantis III x 2
Universal Genesis
Fuji CP-IV
Fuji CP7

Reflow Ovens

Soldering is performed using reflow ovens by Heller.

Thru-Hole Technology

Semi-automated component forming machines are used to prepare thru-hole components, with machines by GPD and Hepco. Accurate and repeatable wire preparation is available with Eubanks and Schleuniger equipment for cutting and stripping. In addition, manual insertion slide lines can be set up quickly for higher product volumes.

Our thru-hole soldering technology includes two automated selective solder machines with high output and precise process controls, for fast and repeatable soldering.   These machines use nitrogen inerting for defect reduction, and are used for both lead-free and tin-lead soldering. The equipment is a KISS 104 and a KISS 103IL.

Selective Soldering

KISS 104

Prototype + Rework

You need to move the development of your product forward quickly, which is why we offer rapid turn around for prototyping and modifications. The AirVac Onyx 29 rework system is available as needed for replacement of complex ICs like BGAs.

Aqueous Flux Removal

To ensure we meet your cleanliness requirements we perform aqueous flux removal in a high performance, efficient cleaning system designed to optimize the PBC cleaning process. It is effective for difficult to clean and low stand-off components. It also provides a complete drying system, critical to the cleaning process. For this we utilize the Electrovert Aquastorm 200 in-line cleaning system with Kyzen wash chemistry and de-ionized water rinse.

To verify cleanliness we monitor our process using a SCS Ionograph 500M SMD ionic tester.


Our team of IPC-A-610 certified inspectors perform visual inspection in addition to AOI and electromechanical inspection. AOI is performed using a YesTech YTV2080, and high resolution x-ray is performed using a GE Pheonix Microme|x, tiltable bed machine.


Our testing process employs National Instruments PXI industry leading PC-based platform for testing, measurement and control. Environmental temperature chambers by Test Equity are available to use standalone, or in conjunction with the PXI platform, to perform temperature cycling for reliability testing at temperatures from -35c to +175c.


Conformal coating is an available option, we currently are coating products using acrylic and urethane conformal coatings per IPC and UL requirements. Coating may be hand sprayed for low volume, or applied by our Nordson coating machine and cured in our UV cure system.

Additional Equipment

As part of offering full system integration, we have invested in some further machinery that is available as needed for your project. These technologies include the Mold-Man low pressure automated molding station, and a Box Build section with a conveyor system for transfer between assembly stations.